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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Churches Seeking Staff - Evangelical Covenant Church

Only 34 senior pastor openings listed at the Covenant Church's web site which really isn't very many -- excludes Canada and Alaska. I didn't see Turlock, CA or Cuyahoga Falls, OH listed. Must be their search committees are not in action yet.

I still can't understand why no one wants to go to North Miami. That church has been open forever. Even if the church stinks, it's still in North Miami, FLORIDA! I just googled it and the church appears to be within walking distance from the ocean. Que pasa people?

Lafeyette, IN is still listed with 875 in attendance but rumors have it there are actually hundreds less than that every Sunday and apparently they ain't happy. But that's just rumors.

Palatine, IL is open. I attended that church when it was planted and I was in seminary. That was supposed to be the model church plant that was going to be a mother church planting more churches. Didn't happen -- YET. Attendance is listed at 119. God is patient. It could still come about.

Christ Covenant Church
in Novi, MI is looking for a worship leader. Could be very kewl to work with Nate Pawl, who is now the sexiest Covenant pastor in the GLC since Xorey has moved on. Love their philosophy of ministry leading people to establish a Rule of Life and then planting churches in Asia and Germany. Rock on!

The other church in Ellsworth, WI is open. Apparently the arrival of Xorey scared off whoever else was there. He's a force to be reckoned with. I left OH in part because of him.

Other kewl jobs:
Youth ministry at Zion Cov in Jamestown, NY working with BJB who is currently on sabbatical in Africa. Great church with really super people.

Redeemer Church in Carrollton, TX which was planted by the brilliant Larry Sherman is looking for a pastor. It's gotta be a great church.

Kudos to Redeemer Church in Tulsa, OK for listing an Associate position whose job is listed as Evangelism and Outreach. Churches hire pastors for youth, children, executive pastors, worship pastors --- all by the dozens. But next to no one hires anyone specifically for evangelism.

New trend: there are at least 11 staff positions (ie associate pastor) that were not youth, children or worship positions. That's unusual to see that many of that type of position listed.

Comments on "Churches Seeking Staff - Evangelical Covenant Church"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:34 AM, October 17, 2006) : 

I just had to look at the job scrip for the WL position at Nate's church after reading your post...it includes the following: "Oversee Worship Band Birth/Multiplication/Death"...gee, does that sound exciting or what? I know there's a time for everything, but I just wouldn't want to oversee the death of a worship band...
You do realize, we in cuyahoga falls are just waiting for you to become available again... ;)


Blogger theultrarev said ... (2:49 PM, October 18, 2006) : 

I will say this: it does appear from my limited perspective that although ministry with your last pastor didn't meet the hopes that either the church or he had, your church was essentially caring and respectful of him as a person and the office of the pastor. You are to be commended for that and it will certainly make you an attractive church for some very fine pastor out there. God bless you as you search.


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