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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Want You To Grow Spiritually 2: See A Counselor

See a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. For some, their spiritual health would be greatly aided by seeing a professional therapist.

Perhaps they are struggling with a holiness issue, a besetting, chronic, habitual sin or so they think. Maybe it's really an addiction and just praying more just won't fix the problem.

The continuous battle and failure to win can cause one to have a faulty, non-Biblical view of self, which can ultimately lead to a weakening of one's faith. If you want victory, you likely need help. Help can come from many sources, several of which I'll mention in future installments. But most certainly a counselor is a great place to start.

Other people feel distant from God for a host of reasons but especially because of father/parent issues in their life. A Christian counselor can help one separate those issues and allow people the freedom to feel close to God despite the fact their human parental relationships may be broken.

Other people have committed a heinous sin for which they find little grief from their guilt, shame and remorse. Some have been victims of these sins and feel the same guilt, shame and remorse. A therapist can help bring healing.

Some are experiencing depression and anxiety and you have been told through the years that it's your fault. You've been told if you prayed more, memorized more Scripture and had more faith it would go away and you would feel better. You were lied to by likely well meaning people. Very likely you will find the relief you need from a counselor.

It's not that you don't need to pray and read Scripture. You do. These will indeed aid your recovery and truth will strengthen you as you move forward in health. But sometimes we need something more. God works through counselors and physicians all the time.

For some of us to move forward in our spiritual journey of following Christ, a counselor will be of enormous benefit. You can find them in the yellow pages, Google "christian counselor" or get a referral from your physician.

This is part 2 in a 20 part series on spiritual growth. If you feel like you are not growing deeper in your faith or relationship to God, if you are not loving and serving others more, if you have a sense of 'stuckness' in your spiritual journey, and you really want to grow ——— the answer might not be to try harder. All too often I have heard the same solutions offered over and over — 'All you have to do is have daily devotions, pray more, read more of the Bible, be in worship every week and get more involved in the church.' In other words try harder.

Sometimes that doesn't work and I'm going to offer some suggestions that might help you move forward.

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