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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ministry Pursuits, Web Design and hosting with TurnKey

I'm starting a web design business that will design and maintain web sites, assist with search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing and hosting. The nature of being in ministry has changed so much recently, making it more and more difficult for church planters and pastors of small churches to support themselves whilst in ministry.

So I decided to go to school for web design so I could have something to supplement my ministry endeavors. Web design can be done in off-hours, pays well, has opportunity for residual income that does not require trading hours for dollars and can be a good fit for ministry. And I like it. Playing with Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash is down right fun. So I'll be working for me — AND FOR YOU if you need a web site.

I decided to host my upcoming web sites with TurnKey Internet. Maybe I'm gambling on a lesser known company. But I asked one of my friends who is a pro web designer about who is really the best, and he says it's a crapshoot. They all over promise with lies like unlimited bandwith and unlimited hosting space and they all have problems and fail occasionally.

All of my pro friends all use different hosting solutions like iPower, JustHost, FatCow, HostGator, HostMonster and GoDaddy to name a few. There are over 600,000 web host providers

I looked into becoming a web hosting reseller and decided that wasn't something I was going to do today. Probably next year. So the next best way to make a little money is through affiliate marketing. I can design sites for people and help them get hosted at TurnKey Internet.

I researched this thing to death last week reading through web hosting forums and other review sites. I decided on TurnKey Internet because they were based in upstate NY, Albany area, claim to have their own servers and whoever their person is in the forums seemed like a decent individual. I'm all about keeping my business in upstate NY.

Oh btw, did I tell you that my genealogical research has shown that my people helped found New York State (New Amersterdam) and used to run Ft. Orange at Albany? That's right. and ... We used own a tobacco farm on part of what is now Central Park in NYC too. None of this has been passed down unfortunately.

So if you need a web host or know someone who does, click on this link below or use one of the links that I'll put in the side bar (coming soon) and I'll make a profit and be extremely grateful to you.

TurnKey Internet Bulletproof Web Hosting Services
Bulletproof web hosting starting at $2.99/month

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