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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bivocational Ministry. My New Ministry Paradigm.

Pastor-And: Real Talk on Bivocational Ministry | Kevin Scott

Ministry is so different for me these days than in years past. And that is good! My beloved friend Scott Emery linked a blog post on Facebook today about Bivocational ministry, which is my world right now that I am wrestling with (and feeling like I am losing the match, I might add).

I posted a reply to the blog and felt like I wanted to add it here and develop it further as a blog post.

I was a full-time pastor for a decade. Then worked for a parachurch organization for a couple years, unemployed for a couple and now bivocational. Now, I am an Anglican priest and run a small web design business plus work as an investigator (it’s unique and complicated). I also have a large busy family where we homeschool. A couple of things I learned …

As a f/t clergy, I had no real appreciation for the great effort lay people put into their ministries. Life can be so complex trying to balance work, spiritual life, care for your family, Little League, dance, time for my spouse & friends, small groups, leadership team, specialized ministries at church, etc. As a full-time pastor I used to feel like lay people didn’t understand my world and to some extent they still don’t. HOWEVER, what was equally true is how little I understood their world. Being bi-vocational keeps me appreciating the great servants of the church who are not clergy and the herculean effort they put forth for the Kingdom. Their faithfulness to the Lord is amazing. I often try to tell the people at church that I love and appreciate them. I don't know if they understand how much my heart swells with gladness that I get to serve alongside them.

I was never the pastor to be completely sheltered from the unchurched because of my evangelistic mindset. However, most of those relationships were friendships. Now as a small business owner and investigator, I have working partnerships with many outside the church world. It’s different — and better for me. I think I’m a better pastor — more motivated with a more realistic worldview — for working outside the church culture.

There may come a time in the future where I am full-time again. I’ll do what the Lord wants. But I kind of hope not.

Comments on "Bivocational Ministry. My New Ministry Paradigm."


Blogger Brad Boydston said ... (1:38 AM, June 11, 2013) : 

Yep. You're once again on target.


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