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Friday, December 30, 2005

Grinders Coffee & Bakery in Watertown, NY

My friend Michelle has her web site up for Grinders, which is a great coffeeshop on Arsenal St. in Watertown, NY —— EXCELLENT coffee and baked goods, and Michelle and her staff are friendly. The New Orleans Dark Roast is one of the finest cups of coffee I've ever had. She might also be the only place in the north country where you can buy a French Press or an old Italian style stove top espresso maker.

Starbucks is coming soon to outer Arsenal and doesn't have anything better than you would get at Grinders. I was in Utica the other day at Domenico's, a coffeeshop on Genesee St. and they had stickers all over the shop saying, "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks." Cute. BTW, I had the best latte I've had in a very long time at Domenico's and will definitely be back there.

For awhile Grinders was carrying half-moon cookies that were made by Hemstroughts Bakery in Utica, NY where I was born. For a variety of reasons she's not doing that any more. However, through the genius of the internet I have tracked down Hemstrought's recipes. Let's see if Michelle can duplicate them.

I also found recipe's for cannoli's from Florentines Bakery and Canadian butter tarts. I don't know anybody in the states making Canadian butter tarts. They are so good but so bad for you. Eat one of these little morsels and you have you calories for the week.

Visit Grinders now!


I can't put a post about coffee without mentioning my boy Matt and CafeKubal. If you're going to buy fresh roasted beans go to Matt's site and order some. He'll roast and mail your beans the day he receives your order and have them on your door step the next day or two.


I should get paid for these commercials.

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