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Friday, January 23, 2009

New Addition to My Mac Collection

iMac DV (Summer 2000)

A great new addition to my old Mac collection is the iMac DV. It has a G3 400 mhz processor, 128 mg RAM, 2 Firewire ports, a VGA port for an external monitor or TV, slot loading CD-ROM, 2 front head phone jacks, Photoshop 5.0, Office 2000 and other good stuff. And it's Ruby Red!

I was hoping to hook it up to my basement family room TV and watch Netflix. Not sure that's going to be possible since the Netflix specs supposedly require OS 10.4.8 and I think the best I can run on this is 10.2. Maybe Hulu.com instead?

I took the picture above with PhotoBooth on my MacBook and it shows up backward. Hmmmm.

I have culled my Mac collection over the past year and my wife is very happy about that. I am down from a high of about 26 to 18: 5 iMac Rev A's, iMac 2.0 Core 2 Duo with brushed Aluminum case, eMac 1 ghz, Performa 6300 & 631, PowerMac 7200, Centris 610, iBook G3, PowerMac G3, PowerBook Wallstreet edition, entire DuoDock system with Duo 270c (my very favorite!), MacBook 1.83 Intel Core 2 Duo and of course, I still have a Newton Message Pad 120.

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Blogger Corey said ... (8:15 PM, January 23, 2009) : 

I just got a G5 in mine....very nice.


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