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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jack Deere Quote

I was listening to an MP3 of Jack Deere speaking in Australia and heard this:

"... most of us ... if we were really honest, feel like God is waiting for us to change. And that like we are right now, He can't enjoy us. Really, like we are right now, he's basically irritated with us. And the reason He's tolerating us right now is because it's an open question whether or not we're going to change. And change means that we have to start doing things better than we are right now. ...

Here's the problem with that view: It's one of the biggest Satanic traps going on in the church, it's one of the most successful Satanic traps going on in the church. Is there anybody in here who prays enough, who reads the Bible enough, who witnesses enough, who is kind enough, who is thankful enough ... anybody in here like that?

None of us do them well enough right now and the here's the bad news, we never will. At the end of his life, one the most godly people to ever walk the face of the earth, the Apostle Paul, says, 'I haven't made it yet.' In Philippians 3 he said, 'I haven't attained it yet but I keep striving, I keep heading on that upward call but I'm not there yet.'

See God can enjoy us just like we are now in our weakness and immaturity, our inconsistancy. He can enjoy us just like we are right now, weak and immature children. You say, "How is that possible?" Because that's the only kind of children He has. Remember how some of you who are parents could enjoy your 2 year old, 3, 4, 5 year old child ... weak, inconsistent, immature child? Remember how you could enjoy them? That's how the Lord feels about us."

Comments on "Jack Deere Quote"


Blogger Linda said ... (7:54 PM, September 08, 2009) : 

For the analogy of God enjoying us as a parent enjoys the 2 year old -there is still the expectation of growth and maturity and isn't that 'change'? What am I missing?


Blogger theultrarev said ... (8:14 PM, September 08, 2009) : 

Sure God expects growth -- absolutely and unequivocally. But Satan attempts to paralyze us and keep us from intimacy with God with the lie that God is basically irritated and tolerating us until we become something we'll never attain.

Satan keeps a carrot on a stick in front of you that says you can have intimacy with God and God will only enjoy you once you change and become the perfect praying, Bible reading, witnessing Christian which you'll never be.


Blogger Linda said ... (12:09 PM, September 09, 2009) : 

Gotcha! I guess I couldn't get my mind around it last night. I totally agree and depend on God enjoying the real me (because He made me what I am) and I want to do better but I know that I don't have to do better, which of course makes me want to be better even more!


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