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Friday, December 04, 2009

The ClimateGate Media Outlet Blackout

Day Fourteen and Counting

The Media Research Center is claiming that the ABC, NBC and CBS have all ignored the scandal regarding scientific data and emails from scientists that show their willful intent to manipulate data in favor of their findings, which really no longer seem to be findings rather presuppositions.

It's just another dagger in the heart of truth. We don't believe anything is true anymore. Quite frankly, I think rightly so.

How many countless sales pitches have we heard the word FREE used in connection with something we have to purchase? We don't believe all the production descriptions online or in catalogs any more because they all exaggerate.

We're rightly suspicious of every of every product review or recommendation posted online because so many are posted by people who are paid directly or indirectly by the product's company. Legislation is now being enacted regarding online product reviews.

A common Facebook answer to Political Views is "They're all liars." We certainly no longer trust our politicians to represent our interests or views or believe them to tell the truth when they are campaigning.

Tiger Woods was found out last week to not be truthful.  We don't trust any celebrity.

And this ClimateGate scandal is just one of numerous ones where the major media outlets are selective about which stories they report on or selective about what information they use.

Is it any wonder that people come to church and not believe what the preacher or Good Book has to say?

Bottom line: People need to know and experience The Truth -- the person of Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. People need to know God and experience Him.

No longer will churches get away with just talking about God and theology. People's ears are full of competing, mind boggling, unverifiable proclamations and truth claims. But their hearts are yearning to be full of an experience of God that brings them to their knees in repentance and in awe of His majesty, yet brings them to tears of an unfathomable, selfless, unconditional love of a noble Savior and King.

Forget about telling people about Jesus. Introduce them to Him.

I saw this yesterday at the Orthodox Church in America web site. It's part of their FAQ.

Do you believe in the Bible?

No. We believe in God! We do, however, believe the Bible to be God's inspired word a part of the Tradition of the Church. (II Thessalonians, 2:15) In fact, it was the Church which gave us the Bible as we know it today! (You didn't think it just fell from heaven as we have it, did you?)

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