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Saturday, November 21, 2009

MARITAL AIDS: Sexual Health Benefits & Help

After the last post being kind of heavy and dealing with sexual brokenness, let's put a positive touch to intimate relations.  Numerous articles have come out recently touting the health benefits of a healthy sex life.  Sex is good for your cholesterol, hormonal balance, pain reduction, weight maintenance, immune system, prostate health, blood circulation, sleep health, coping with depression and other physical and psychological benefits.  I believe that is all part of God's plan for marital relations between a husband and a wife.

Spiritual Women Have More Sex | LiveScience.com

Health Benefits of Sex

10 health benefits of sex: Rediff Getahead

5 Reasons to Have Sex Today! | Healthy and Green Living

What Sex Can Do for You - AssociatedContent.com

And as an added benefit just for you pastors and other public speakers:

BBC NEWS | Health | Sex 'cuts public speaking stress'

Over in the left column of this blog there are several resources for marriage and marital relations.  Here are a couple more.  The first is for putting a little spice and the second two relate to dealing with brokenness and getting help.

Marital Intimacy Products for Married Couples-Make married sex better!

VirtueOnline: Sexual Healing is Goal of Mastering Life Ministries

Master Life Ministries

The first social relationship God created was between a man and women, a husband and wife.  That relationship is foundational to the human family and every society and culture.  The church needs to aggressively support the institution of marriage, including the fundamental role of marital relations.

Our God is the author of love and lovemaking.  We as His people ought to be experts at both.

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