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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Ultra Rev's Random Stuff Post

I see lot's of interesting news stories that I think will affect the church or the culture of faith, or that some how I think we should think about theologically.  I have almost 200 posts in draft form on a variety of these kinds of issues.  So here is a completely RANDOM post with links to a whole of bunch of news stories, sites, resources and other boring things.  Some, I'll comment on and others I won't.

Pastoral Care No More -- "It’s finally happening. A large percentage of highly effective pastors are dropping pastoral care from their agenda. Instead they are focusing on being the spiritual leader who sets the culture of the congregation and mentors the core leaders."  That's not going to go over well with a lot people.

Nation & World | Dogs have souls, but you already knew that | Seattle Times Newspaper -- A lot of people sincerely believe their pets have souls and they will be reunited with them in eternity.  Churches need to address the role of pets in family life and eternity.  There are a lot of people thinking about this, especially children.

Cooling Off in Summer Heat with Hot Peppers: Capsaicin in Hot Peppers Can Help Keep You Cool in Hot Weather | Suite101.com  -- I like hot peppers.

St. Joseph and Patrick Church in Utica, NY -- SJP is the parish of my mother's family. I've been doing some genealogy and I'll bet when I was born I was related to most of West Utica and they all went to SJP. If you are related in any way to a Schreck, Yost, or Hess the Utica area -- we're family.

Vermont bookstore thriving on experiment with self-publishing - The Boston Globe -- The 2009 version of the Guttenburg Press?  I keep wondering how a local church or consortium of churches or overseas mission agency could capitalize on this technology.

Wait for Sex and Marriage? Evangelicals Conflicted - ABC News -- It's getting tough for many young evangelicals as they are conflicted about sexual relations.  They want to wait until they are married to have sex yet feel like the culture -- both church and family -- are pushing them to put off marriage later and later. There are some who are now advocating for marrying young -- like I did.

A Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand -- Usability Post

Color Matters - Business, Marketing and Trends

I'll bet any of you who are familiar with camp Mission Meadows on Lake Chautauqua in New York, if I were to ask you what color do you think of it's fire engine red. Or more precisely, you think of Mission Meadows Red because that's what the paint store calls it. They have their own color. All buildings there are red.  I wonder how 'red' effects their ministry?

I don't think color is on the mind of many ministries.  Do we not know of it's value or importance?  Or do we believe that the Holy Spirit some how supersedes color so it's not necessary to deal with?

Many churches that follow the traditional church year utilize color in the vestments, paraments and other altarware and decorations.  But where else can we use color strategically? Our facilities (walls, carpets, outside, flowers), bulletin and other print pieces, multimedia choices, clothes of people on stage/altar/platform/in front, etc.

Do you ever think about your church's use of color and how it might effect the spiritual and emotional experience of the people?

Commentary: Bush Quietly Saved a Million African Lives: NCRegister -- A side of President Bush rarely mentioned, possibly even supressed.  This story is old now but it does show Pres. Bush as a little more complex.

GissiSim.com | 6 Ways how I let Twitter work for me -- Still a lot of church leaders out there resistant to Twitter.  Here's some encouragement.

Vatican official: Atheist theories 'absurd' - The Vatican - msnbc.com -- Whether it's calling out abortionists as murders or rebuking their own people for their lack of faithfulness, the Vatican is bold and doesn't worry about political correctness. While media and others are fawning over the recent publications and assertions of atheists, the Vatican calls them absurd. I don't always agree with them, but I sure admire the Vatican for taking bold positions on modern day issues. They at least attempt to lead.

Thousands of Pastors Pledge to Keep Sermons Purely Biblical  -- (Ultra Rev shakes his head in bewilderment)

ABC News: Saving Sin City: Hookers for Jesus Target Unlikely Flock -- The guys from XXXChurch.com take on Las Vegas.

Notes on Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism -- for the theologically bored.

The Official Flogging Molly Website -- Irish Music.  Not clean and pristine lyrically but it's kickin', high energy, fast, wonderful music.  Love some of it, some of it not so much.

More to come.

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