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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cardboard Testimonies

I love cardboard testimonies. In the midst of a tech-laden world, where seemingly everything is digital, there's something powerful in the simplistic cardboard and marker that tells of God's greatness. I cry every time I see or watch them. For me, there is such joy in seeing someone's -- literally anyone's -- life changed by the power of God.

I love to hear of God's mighty power in restoring marriages, setting people free from the bondage of addiction, healing their life's deepest hurts, reviving the faith of stagnant or wayward believers and bringing people to new life in Him. It just never gets old.

Here's a recent cardboard testimony by New Life Church up in Watertown.

Cardboard Testimonies 2012-01-22 from New Life Christian Church on Vimeo.

And then on their Facebook wall there was an amazing story today of a woman who became a Christian this week.
- Almost three years ago a Client gives me a beautiful handmade card when I set up practice in my new office. It has a quote from Jer29:11. Makes me cry like a baby.
- Heard a song on the radio I couldn’t get out of my head. Found the cd and bought it. Oh…a Christian group…who knew.
- Curious what other Christian music sounds like. Found “the message” on satellite radio in my car. Weird...not all that different than pop music but more positive lyrics.
- A couple friends on facebook who openly thank god for their blessings. Their comments always strike me. I love them…something positive.
- A billboard goes up just before the exit I get off for work; “new life Christian church”. Hmm the same church A.S. talks about. Wait…I think that’s where A.D. and her family go too.
- Needed a new book to read. Went to Walmart to wander the book section and passed the bibles. Saw a bible for busy moms and was stopped dead in my tracks. Bought it and took it home convinced to read the whole thing for the first time ever.
- My daughter has an opportunity to Christmas shop for me. I unwrap a beautiful silver necklace that is a cross with matching earrings. Love it but surprised that out of everything in target that’s what she picked out.
- Home alone, kids in bed, movie I really wanted to see. “Soul Surfer”-an inspirational story of a young girl with unwavering faith. In part of that movie Jer.29:11 is quoted. That’s odd…same as my card at work.
- Alright GOD...I’m getting it! Decide to check out this” New Life” place. After all it is the new year (Jan 2012). The whole family agrees to go...woohooo!
- Moved by worship and that night check out their facebook and website like some crazy stalker who can’t get enough.
- Some rough events coming up…maybe I should finally open that bible I got and check it out. The first suggestion for prayer and reflection if you have just 5min, references me to… wait, that’s what I heard in church last week!
- Can’t get the music from church out of my head and can’t wait to go back.
- Another service and cried my way through the third: cardboard testimonies
- WEDNESDAY JANUARY 25Th , 2012; SAT IN PASTOR TOMS OFFICE AND ACCEPTED THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS MY SAVIOR AND WAS BORN AGAIN! Sobbed through the entire prayer. Walked out into a new life with GOD, a god I don’t really know yet but can’t wait to. Not exactly sure what my journey holds but I intend to find out. Be patient with me...help me…I’m new!
Here's a random but incredibly powerful cardboard testimony found on YouTube:

Let your life be filled with hope today. God is able. Jesus has said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Elsewhere the Bible says,

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