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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me!

My new iMac just arrived yesterday afternoon. It's a new iMac 2.0 ghz, 1 gb RAM, 250 gb HD, superdrive, and it's beautiful. Bought from the refurb section of Apple's web site for about $250 less than new Also bought a Canon Pixma 700 printer and Fusion to run Windows when needed. What a great addition to my collection.

However, I also gave away 6 computers. My wife is very happy about this.

[2] PowerMac 5260/120. All in one units.
[1] PowerMac 5500/225. All in one unit.
[2] PowerMac 5400/200. All in one units.
[1] Macintosh IIvx.

Along with a keyboard, mouse and power cord for each of these. And then I also gave away:

[1] Color StylerWriter 2400.
[1] StyleWriter II.

Have you tried out the ReUseIt Network or Freecycle? It's an online Yahoo group that allows people to post what they want to give away or what they are in need of. Here's the links to the Onondaga County FreeCycle site and the Onondaga County ReUseIt Network. Worked like a charm for giving away my computers.

This brings my overall number of computers to:

5 iMac G3's (Rev. A's bondi blue)
2 PowerMac G3's All-In-One's

One of each of these:
eMac G4/1ghz
iMac G3/266
PowerBook G3/233 Wallstreet edition
Centris 610 (my first Mac)
Performa 6300
Performa 631
PowerMac 6100/66
PowerBook 100
PowerBook Duo 270c with docking station. My very favorite. Thank you DRH.
Apple II+

And then I have 3 laser printers, a Canoscan N 650U, an Epson 3200x AIO, an Epson 740, 3 QuickTake 150's and a Newton. I also have a couple of computers in hiding at a friend's warehouse: a clamshell iMac, a G3 tower and I think something else but I don't quite remember. I need to get over and get those to my new house.

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