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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Listening to NT Wright in Bed

I love this quote from Bishop NT Wright,
In Wilde's play Salome, which is the stage play from which Strauss' opera play Salome was taken. King Herod, Herod Antipas, has messengers come to his court telling him about Jesus, who is going around doing extraordinary things and healing the sick and feeding people and even raising the dead.

And Herod is not too disturbed about Jesus healing the sick, but when he hears about Jesus raising the dead he says, "He raises the dead?" And the messenger says, "Yes sir, he raises the dead." And Herod bursts out and says, "I don't want him to do that. He must not do that. He must be forbidden to do that. This man must be found and told I forbid him to raise the dead."

You see the tyrrant knows that death is the final weapon that the tyrrant has got. And if God raises the dead, then the most awful weapon the tyrrant has got is a secondary thing and God can trump it. Then the tyrrant's power is called, it's defeated, it's named and shamed.

.... a quote from the last line from that little scene with Herod. Herod says to the messenger, "Where is this man now?" And the messenger says, "He is in every place sir, but it is hard to find him."