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Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking In A Murderer

N.H. pastor's decision to take in paroled killer roils town - The Boston Globe

A New Hampshire pastor has taken grace to new heights. He has welcomed into his home a paroled child killer. His town is decidedly NOT happy with him.

Newspaper articles never tell the whole story. I suppose blogs don't either. Apparently the killer became a Christian in jail and was profoundly changed. The NH pastor learned of the killer's change and need for a home through a prison minister who vouched for him. That much we do know.

There are obviously some who are incarcerated and have less than authentic conversion experiences for the sake of convenience. That makes many people very skeptical of anyone who claims that Christ has changed them.

But the truth is that Jesus is still doing reclamation projects with people's lives. The power of God is still changing people. They aren't myths and fables or only people who lived during Bible times that had their lives changed. To this very day, really horrible, violent, grotesquely vicious people have their lives interrupted by the grace and love of God and transformed by the power of His Spirit.

There is no power stronger. There is no one too far gone, no one too distant, no one too unholy, no Satan worshiper, no one that has sinned so horribly, no one that is so extremely mentally ill that God cannot reach and transform them. No one. God is able to transform a life beyond all our comprehension and belief.

Now this killer living in a pastor's home could have a relapse tomorrow and kill again in this family's home or town. Yet I will still believe the power of God's love and grace is stronger and more potent than the power of sin and death. God is great.

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