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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Web Servers For Everyone

Brad also posted:
"Opera Unite is cutting out the middle man -- taking the next step beyond web 2.0. ~ link"
With the advent of Opera Unite, your computer can become a web server -- extremely simply. (Though this has been possible with OS X for some time and it's actually not that difficult there.) There will be lots of applications for this in church life. It just became a lot easier to for a church to share files easily and cheaply (and Lord knows how important it is to do it cheaply! oi). And it does more: it has social networking capabilities by posting things on the "Fridge" (ie. Facebook status), chat in the Lounge, host a web site on the Web Server or access your media files from the Media Server.

From what I've read it is not getting rave reviews yet but clearly it will give capabilities to churches, ministries and other non-profits that don't have the funds or technical savvy to use these web technologies. Free is good.

Just a side note: Do you see where this is going? Years ago when Apple was putting video and audio spigots on their computer for everyday users people thought they were nuts. But they saw into the future where everyone was going to want to be their own TV or Radio station. Eventually we are heading toward everyone being their own full fledged media company, producing TV, radio, web and print, collaborating with others and with everyone having access to it wherever they want however they want to receive it. A completely wireless decentralization of digital data.

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