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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why are young people leaving the church?

I saw a convergence of news stories this week. WorldNetDaily reported on Ken Ham from Answer in Genesis, who commissioned a study about young people leaving the church and the subsequent publications as a result of the study: WorldNetDaily: Why are young people leaving the church? And David Virtue noted: The Southern Baptist Convention is Finally 'Throwing in the Towel' on Government Schools.

While it used to be thought that college was negatively influencing many young people's faith because of it's liberal bias and anti-Christian positions, many are now perceiving those same influences coming from high school and junior high. And our students are leaving the church as the church fails to provide adequate faith formation experiences and information to counter the influences from elsewhere. Of course, Ken Ham wants to link it specifically to what churches teach on Genesis and creation.

Regardless of the reasons, there does appear to be a growing alarm about people are leaving the church.

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