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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Multi-Site Church Myths

I watched many of the videos from The Nines leadership conference the other day. Essentially the event was a bunch of videos played over the course of nine hours that asked a bunch of leaders to give a video answer to the question, "If you could sit down across your desk with some of the best leaders in today's church and what would you say to them?"

Despite the celebrity list of pastors, scholars and leaders lined up for the event, the content was pretty mediocre. I started scanning my Facebook list and looking for people I wanted to hear 9 minutes from.

While the video played there was running commentary in a side box. The only thing I copied related to multi-site church planting myths:

Myth 8 – Inhibits developing gifted teachers. Nope. Can enhance and teaching team.
Myth 7 – Video teaching won’t work. Nope. Embraced much more than you think. Not about medium but message.
Myth 6 – Church Growth engine. Nope. A vehicle for growing churches. Accelerates a growing church.
Myth 5 – Not incarnational or communal. Nope. Brings more local and personal leading to greater incarnational and communal.
Myth 4 – Space solution. Yes and No. Started that way but now an effective strategy for space and more.
Myth 3 – Video driven model. Nope. Only a third of churches are video driven.
Myth 2 – Vehicle for celebrity pastors. Nope. Perhaps a third are mega churches and the rest are not.
Myth 1 – Just a fad. Nope. The new normal – 2000+ churches and growing. Estimate 10% of protestants attend a multi site church.

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