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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grace Brethren Church -- A Syracuse Church Plant

OUTSTANDING!  Syracuse has yet another church plant!  Syracuse Grace Brethren Church Home Page  In case you didn't know, the Central New York region is shockingly unchurched and seemingly jaded towards church.  We need more churches here desperately as most cities do throughout the northeast. 

Checkout Grace Brethren's home page.  There's nothing novel about it's layout but I find that it's bright red and charcoal gray theme to be strikingly attractive.  Well done!  Interestingly they make very little mention of their wider connection to Grace Brethren churches.  Their mother church is in PA so this is a pioneering church plant (the most difficult kind) with two families sent in as missionaries.

The church is located on the west side of Syracuse in the area in-between Solvay, Westvale and Tipperary Hill, just off W. Genesee St.  These courageous church leaders deserve a lot of credit for planting in this needy area that is under served by healthy evangelical churches. 

Comments on "Grace Brethren Church -- A Syracuse Church Plant"


Blogger Paul and Abby said ... (10:43 AM, November 16, 2009) : 

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'm one of the missionaries at the Syracuse Grace Brethren Church, and I really appreciated your post. I also appreciated your email with some useful links to post our information on. An answer to your one comment: We are connected to the Grace Brethren Fellowship, but are not an official church yet. We are waiting for the Lord to save people through the message of the gospel. You can see how we are connected with the Grace Brethren church in PA and find out more about our church plant here. -Paul


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