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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Anglican Links & Posts

VirtueOnline -- Classical Anglicanism and the Real Presence of Christ in Sacrament of Communion -- Do you really give thought to what's happening when you receive Holy Communion?  Obviously if you are a memorialist, then nothing is happening.  But if you are a sacramentalist, there are varieties of opinions about the locus of the presence of Christ and the timing of when He arrives and how long He stays.  The linked article gives a classical Anglican perspective.

Saint Andrews CNY's Blog -- Fr. Bob Hackendorf and a couple of his leaders have a started blogging.

Anglican School of Ministry-Little Rock -- A parish based Anglican theological school offering a certificate for course completion but also has connections with South African Theological Seminary and Trinity School for Ministry.

Anglican Initiative for Mission  --An AMiA based ministry for church planting.

Intercessors of the Lamb - Family Formation -- For some of you these links will be much too Catholic and for others it will be much too mystical/pentecostal.  But if you are interested in doing faith formation with children at home or in your parish you simply much take a look at these lessons and available PDF's.  The things I like about these is that they have a plan for discipleship and they don't see discipleship as just pouring knowledge or Bible stories into kids heads.  They want kids to know Christ and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. And they believe that children should participate in spiritual disciplines like St. Ignatius' Examen, confession of sin, lectio divina or journaling.

And other sites with interesting Anglican children ministry and family faith formation links:
Living Faith Anglican Church
Young Anglicans Project helps rewrite the book on discipleship
The Young Anglicans Project

VirtueOnline -- FT. WORTH: Episcopal Studies program to adhere to views of national church:
"Stephanie Burke, a trustee at the Brite Divinity School and a member of All Saints Episcopal Church located in Fort Worth, said tension grew between the former Episcopalian Bishop of Fort Worth, Jack L. Iker, and the national Episcopal Church because of the national church's general acceptance of homosexuality and especially because of its ordainment of women.

'When he (Iker) was asked the question, 'Who would he take communion from?', he answered that if it was a gay priest, it was a valid communion but immoral,' Burke said. 'He told us if it was a female priest, it's completely invalid.'"
VirtueOnline -- LITTLE ROCK AR: Bishop-elect worries some Episcopalians  -- This article is old and certainly not every Episcopal priest has this guy's theology but take a look at this.  How does this guy even get to be a priest let along nominated to be bishop.  He eventually did NOT receive the consents necessary to become bishop but it wasn't a shutout either.
"The Rev. Kevin G. Thew Forrester denies that Satan exists. He doesn't believe God sent his only-begotten son to die for the sins of the world. He says that the Koran is sacred, he has taken a Buddhist middle name and he teaches that many paths lead to the divine.

As an Episcopal priest, Thew Forrester altered the denomination's prayer book, including its baptismal vows and the words of the Apostles' Creed."
Why even be part of a Christian religion if you don't buy it -- if you feel the need to alter the Apostles' Creed?  Move on!

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