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Thursday, December 24, 2009

FREE MP3'S -- Sermons and Lectures -- JP Moreland + more

Also: KingdomTriangle.com

So I've been reading Kingdom Triangle by Prof. JP Moreland, which led me to looking for some mp3's I have of him on my hard drive somewhere, which led me to looking out on the Internet to see what might be available for free, which led me to find out THERE IS A TON OF STUFF!!!

First, check out this site: Reforming My Mind: J. P. Moreland MP3 Sermons. A staggering list of links to mp3's, videos and YouTube videos. And not just of JP Moreland. Go searching around the site and you will see other well known scholars (many, if not mostly, of a Reformed bent) with link farms dedicated to them. Magnificent site for those of you who like listening to sermons and scholarly lectures as I do.

I also stumbled across this site: Audio on Apologetics (Updated 4/13/07). Though it's apparently outdated and has a number of names I was not familiar with, it is also a huge link farm dedicated to apologetics and includes notables such as Ravi Z, WL Craig, JP Moreland and others.

Watch here:   JP Moreland on Miracles at Lee Strobel's site.

And let me just say this about JP Moreland: He's smarter than you are, possibly smarter than you and I combined.

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