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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Fixes "Isalm Is" Bug

Over a week ago, I read at VirtueOnline that if you type the words "Christianity is" or "Judaism is" or "Buddhism is" or some other "[religion] is", Google Suggests will make a number of suggestions such as  "... is bulls***" or "... is a false" or "... a lie, a cult, not a religion, dying, etc."  But if you typed in "Isalm is" it made absolutely no suggestions at all. None. Nunc. Nada. Not even good ones.

Google was getting just creamed on this across the blogosphere and eventually they came out with a statement that said it was "a bug" -- like it was a programming error of some sort. Seriously? We're supposed to believe that.

So I tried it last week.  Sure enough.  It's was true.  I did Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, satanism, etc. -- all gave me suggestions.  I typed "Islam is" and I got nothing.  I tried again today and it's been fixed.  Now you get the same nasty results as other religions.

It did make me wonder if Google was living in fear of radical Islam.  Were they scared they were going to be attacked if they suggested nasty things, so they fudged their search engine and just hoped no one would notice?  Maybe even Google can be intimidated.

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