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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Evangelism Training at Your Church

This is a follow-up to this post about the Evangelical Covenant's new One Step program.

Most evangelism training seminars focus on training people to manipulate a conversation to close the deal.  The seminars I have led are different.

Understanding that people coming to Christ is a process -- a series of events, experiences, conversations, observations, etc. -- that happen over a period of time  —  And people coming to Christ involves a number of believers who are uniquely part of those events, experiences, conversations, observations, etc. -- each helping a person come a step closer to Christ  —  And that people coming to Christ generally hear and experience the Gospel multiple times before becoming a Christ follower  —  And that Christians each have their own God-given unique way or style or preference for doing evangelism  —  With all that in mind: I try to lead seminars that help people find their style and make concrete plans for leading their networks of people just one step closer to Christ.  Furthermore, I try to help churches think corporately about evangelistic strategies for their communities.

I would be glad to come to your church and lead a seminar.  I have about four to eight hours of seminar material depending on our needs and will arrange the seminar to cover material that is relevant to your church.  The experience is interactive with discussion, small group activity and multimedia.  I'll develop a course booklet for your church, school or ministry.

I have led evangelism training seminars since about 1995 and taught in various churches including Evangelical Covenant, Baptist, Assemblies of God, non-denominational, United Methodist, Church of God, Episcopal, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Free Methodist, Evangelical Free and those are just the ones I remember.

Evangelism seminars are just the basic stuff I do.  I can also teach about evangelism on a college, seminary or Bible school level, develop evangelism curriculum for distance learning options, develop strategy with ministerial groups or local church evangelism committees or leadership teams.  I would gladly fill the pulpit for you as well.

I have experience as a pastor, as part of a national team of evangelism trainers and with planning large events for an evangelistic organization.

If you cover my travel and lodging expenses and any kind of honorarium I'll come.  I am especially partial to churches in upstate New York and cities with MLB teams that are playing when I would be in town and you have tickets. :))  But seriously I'll go anywhere, including Europe and elsewhere overseas.

I also have a deep interest in Affinity Evangelism and do evangelistic speaking as well. I would love to work with your church to plan an AE event or better yet, work with you and several churches from your community to plan an AE event.

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