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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bobo's World: The never-ending chronicle of church-related crime

WARNING! Not for the faint of heart! This blog chronicles the offenses of numerous clergy, church staff, church volunteers, etc., and seemingly the vast majority of which are sexual in nature.

It truly is despicable to see. Not despicable that this blog is despicable but the acts that are listed there.

I wonder if a study of this page itself and the sources that feed it reveal any certain trends about certain kinds of churches, clergy, etc.

You would think that with all the publicity given to abuse scandals, and that certain insurance agencies are getting to the point of not providing insurance to churches that don't do preventioin training, that you would see an end in sight of this evil. I have a hunch that internet porn is just racheting up the number of offenders in society as a whole.

And then you hear about wacko stuff like J. Lee Grady's article in Charisma magazine, "It's Getting Really Weird Out There".

It's true, there really are so many very faithful ministers out there — even within the Roman Catholic traditiion despite what the media says. So many just love God and his people. But when you read articles like Grady's and see lists like Bobo's World it is disheartening.

At a bare minimum it can serve as a reminder to never stop being vigilant in our protection of children in our churches. Never say, "That couldn't happen in our church." As soon as you begin believing that you put your church at risk.

Comments on "Bobo's World: The never-ending chronicle of church-related crime"


Blogger Aaron Kinney said ... (5:32 PM, November 23, 2005) : 

Im going to have to disagree with you about internet porn making these cases happen more frequently. Most of these allegations come from the 50s and 60s and 70s, before the internet even existed.

Furthermore, the abusers are people who have taken a vw of celibacy. Those who repress their natural urges are more likely to act out in perverse ways. If a person satisfies his urges normally through healthy sex with adult females, or looks at the occasionaly internet porn site, they will not be "repressing" themselves and will therefore be less likely to act out in compulsive and perverse ways.

Note that those who do not vow celibacy (do not repress) are less likely to molest children than those who DO vow celibacy (do repress).


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