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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crusade Director

That's my official title: Crusade Director. I am now officially a full-time evangelistic Crusade Director. It's probably one of the rarest jobs in the country. I'll bet there aren't 100 Directors in the US.

I'll go on record (again) that I don't like the word "Crusade" but it's not my call and I promised not to whine about it.

I work for an organization who does ministry like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Have you ever seen or participated in a Billy Graham Crusade or Luis Palau Festival? Those events take 9-12 months of preparation and several months of follow-up. I do that.

I network with pastors and community leaders in certain cities to ascertain readiness to hold an evangelistic event. When ready I work alongside local people to recruit a leadership team, establish a local event office & hire staff, plan a schedule of preparation events and see them through completion, develop a financial support base, assist with choosing venue and guest artists, plan the actual event, be heavily involved in promoting all aspects of a crusade and making sure people who indicate a decision for Christ are followed up afterward. For most events this requires overseeing thousands of volunteers and monitoring budgets of a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Ideally, when the event is over and our organization has moved on to another city, if I do my job well, a city will feel really excited about what has been accomplished for the Kingdom of God and never remember me. Although I am ultimately responsible for every detail, the event is owned by local people and all the work is done by them. I'm just shepherding them in the right direction.

Today I was networking in Kingston, ON. What a beautiful city! I need to go back there just to hang out. It doesn't seem anything is going to happen there right away but there is huge potential.

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Blogger Rick said ... (7:49 AM, January 13, 2006) : 

Congrats on the new job! I am delighted to hear this good news. I hope all is well.



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