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Friday, February 24, 2006

Large Evangelism Events

Here is an overview of the phases involved with have a large evangelistic event (i.e. crusade, festival, etc.). This process takes about 9-15 months depending on the size of the city and the responsiveness of the churches.

Don't let some pomo-minded-dude out there say that this style of evangelism is out moded. It's not. The public proclamation of the Gospel and the organizing and deploying the saints for evangelism has not gone out of style.

Discussion & Exploration
  • Continue prayer efforts
  • Recruit interested churches
  • Recruit community and business leaders
  • Explore possible dates and venues for outreach event
  • Events to build relationship and unity in target cities
  • Organize the Crusade Leadership Team. The Leadership Team oversees the work of about 15 different ministry areas: youth, children, women's ministry, ushers, parking, prayer, prison, training, follow-up, finance, church involvement, church support, business & professional, servant evangelism and others.
Team Planning
  • Select name, date and venue for the festival
  • Select and secure special guests
  • Recruit Church Involvement
  • Prepare budget and fundraising strategies
  • Schedule monthly preparation events for the Preparation Phase
Crusade Preparation Events
  • Conduct preparation events: concerts of prayer, women's ministry luncheon, counselor & follow-up training, volunteer recruitment rally, business & professional breakfast, etc.
  • Continue to recruit church involvement
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Implement fundraising strategies
  • 3-5 night Crusade with a variety of special guests
  • Number of affinity events during the Crusade to reach additional groups in the target area such as:
  • Business & Professional Luncheon
  • Prison Outreach
  • Motorcycle Road Rally ending with dinner & attending the Crusade
  • Youth Extreme Day
  • Psalty & Friends or other outreach to children
  • Followup Team mails Crusade Commitment Cards to pastors
  • Pastors are provided list of Inquirers from their church
  • Follow-up Team contacts all inquirers
  • Wrap meeting for Crusade Team
  • Final Financial Report and Decisions Report mailed to all Crusade Team Leaders and all participating churches

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Large Evangelism Events'">post a comment