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Sunday, March 19, 2006


It was a cold blustery Palm Sunday, March 19, 1967 when I was born at 12:01 am in St. Luke's Hospital in Utica. My maternal grandmother was there, my aunt Corky and great aunt Wald too. They all worked there. My paternal grandmother was there too. My mom told me today that Aunt Wald gave me my first bath.

My Dad wasn't there. He was in Viet Nam and didn't find out about me for a couple days. One of my grandmothers contacted the Red Cross, who located my dad and gave him the good news. We met for the first time about 9 months later. I've been driving him crazy ever since.

39 is a little more startling than I planned. I anticipated celebrating each birthday and feeling young forever but 39 is a little weird. Life hasn't exactly gone as planned although things are looking up in my world for the first time in a very long time. I have a little hope once again.

It hasn't been easy being me. I'm sure it hasn't been easy if you are my friends or family who have to put up with me! But by God's design and abundant grace I am still here, and I will serve him to the very last breath regardless of how good or bad it gets. And I will strive to the end to fulfill the calling of God upon my life to introduce the entire planet to Jesus Christ.

Oh by the way, my mother came through with a black iPod Nano. Thanks Mom!

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