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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shelter in The Storm

I think I may have posted this previously but here it goes again. Here is a list of allegedly "safe" Anglican style worship churches. "Safe" means worshiping with the Book of Common Prayer, are "episcopal" meaning "with bishops" and theologically orthodox, meaning evangelical, Anglo-Catholic or just plain Catholic. Some are charismatic and some have a contemporary music.

These churches come from a variety of backgrounds. Here is the list:

AANF - Anglican Alliance of North Florida
ACC - Anglican Catholic Church
ACA - Anglican Church in America
AMiA - Anglican Mission in America
APA - Anglican Province of America
APCK - Anglican Province of Christ the King
ACCA - Antiochian Catholic Church in America
ACN - Anglican Communion Network
AOC - The Antiochian Orthodox Church
CEC - Charismatic Episcopal Church
CEC - The Christian Episcopal Church
CEEC - Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
EMC - The Episcopal Missionary Church
GOA - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
DHC - Diocese of the Holy Cross
LCMS - The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
OCA - Orthodox Church in America
PNCC - Polish National Catholic Church
REC - Reformed Episcopal Church
RC - Roman Catholic Church
ROCOR - Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

I asked the web site moderator why the Polish National Catholic Church was on the list. I received a gracious response addressed to "Fr. Steve" which I thought was kinda cute.

They are Catholic but not Roman Catholic. They have a Prime Bishop, have apolistic sucession, their priests may marry since the early 1920's, and each congregation owns it's own property. The PNCC formed in Scranton, Pa in 1897. Worshiping with them would be the same as worship in a high Anglican Church. Most of the ones I know of use the 1928 BCP. I can not say for all of them. Some may use the 1662. The Polish people in America were behind their becoming organized, and the language used depends upon the nationality of the membership in their area. Over all, they would be a wonderful place to worship and anyone who loves the Anglican style of worship would feel very much at home.

I hope that helped explain some about the PNCC, I'm sure if you look at any of the websites listed in the Shelter list, you will probably learn a lot more. Their website is http://www.pncc.org/ it will tell you only slightly more then I have, which is why I recommend a look see at Parish sites.
Learn something new every day.

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