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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Memory and Spiritual Growth

Scientists Develop Nasal Spray that Improves Memory I would bet if you asked most evangelicals, if not most Christians in general, you would discover they hold the value of knowing and/or memorizing Scripture. They would see this as a good and important thing regardless as to whether they practice it or not. While they might not think of it this way immediately, a good memory might be key to being spiritually mature or having a vibrant relationship with Christ. The ability to recall Scripture and have it influence decision making would seem to be an important part of healthy faith formation and spiritual maturity. So I was wondering as I read this article about German scientists developing a memory enhancing nasal spray if this would be good for the spiritual lives of Christians. Secondarily, I wondered if churches and Christians needed to take a greater interest in brain health and memory enhancement overall. What do you think?

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