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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Your FREE Church or Ministry Web Site

In the past I've blogged about the importance of having a web site of reasonable quality and keeping it updated.

Here is a great example of an extremely simple, useful, clean web site.  It's cost is about $10 a year for the domain name -- and that's optional.  It's all done via Google's blogger.com.

Masterpiece Church

Brad Boydston is the church planter for this new Evangelical Covenant Church in Phoenix, AZ.  Using Blogger, he limits the number of posts displayed and uses previous posts as pages for the links on the side.  The new Blogger has a variety of easy to use widgets to create link lists like Brad used in the right column and for inserting graphics in the title.  This is essentially using a blog and very easily manipulating to appear as a web site.

As you can see, The Land of the Ultra Rev is just a plain, no-frills, web site in the tradition of The Drudge Report.  But you can download a variety of themes, templates or skins to make great looking web sites.  I downloaded a template to create the Affiinity Evangelism site and I'll be debuting a new site using this template sometime this week.

Check out these sites for some great FREE blog templates:

Or just Google, 'free blogger templates'.

Your church can have a decent web site for free or for less than $15 if you want to have a special domain name.  Go to Blogger.com and start now.

UPDATE 9/16/09 9:53 pm
Someone just recommended yola.com as a free web site designer and host. Looks great.

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