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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Thousand New Anglican Churches
Could We Have At Least A Couple Here in CNY?

Previously I blogged about the new Anglican structures in the US having a goal of planting 1000 new churches within the next 3 years.  An audacious goal indeed.  There is now a blog dedicated to promoting this task:

Anglican 1000

Planting new Anglican churches in upstate New York can't happen fast enough for me -- in fact I'm irritated at it's slow growth.  I believe there is a great future in CNY for Anglican churches that preach a biblical, relevant message with outstanding contemporary music (with a smattering of the traditional), strong children and family ministries and a well done, liturgical, eucharistic focused worship experience.

I still think central New York is primarily dechurched not unchurched and while traditionally that dechurched population has been mostly Roman Catholic it is increasingly evangelical too!  And all of those groups could be served well by an Anglican church with great music, liturgy, theology and ministry.

Right now in CNY if you want a weekly Eucharistic service with orthodox theology and contemporary music, you options are extremely limited with St. Andrews Anglican Church (AMIA) probably being your best choice.  I'll bet you can't name 5 others that might fit that description which is really disappointing for a metro area of nearly half a million people.

If the Anglicans are going to plant 1000 new churches in the US in the next five years, could we have 2 or 3 of them here in central New York?

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Could We Have At Least A Couple Here in CNY?


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