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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Genealogy Research in New York State

I have really enjoyed doing genealogy research over the past year.  I was born in Utica, NY and my families roots are from the Mohawk Valley: Utica, New Hartford, Rome, Florence, Augusta, Marshall, Oriskany, Whitesboro, etc. and originally from Wales, Ireland, Germany, Prussia, Bavaria and England.

I use Ancestry.com which is a huge help, but also rely heavily on FultonHistory.com, which is a PDF growing repository of scanned in newspapers from New York State.  It isn't the most user friendly site so I also search it on Google. 

You can do this for any site you want to search on Google:  In the Google Search box type the word 'site:' and then the website you want to search without the http://www.  For example this:  site:fultonhistory.com  searches only the fultonhistory.com site or site:theultrarev.blogspot.com searches only this blog.  After you type site:fultonhistory.com just add a space then search like you are normally using Google.

If you want some help getting started doing genealogy I strongly recommend Ancestry.com but if you would like some help especially with doing research here in upstate New York let me know.

I also just stumbled across this blog:
Upstate New York Genealogy Blog; UNYG Blog, New York Genealogy, New York Ancestors, NYS Family History |

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