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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Interesting Stuff From Twitter

I don't Twitter yet and for as tech savvy as I am, I most ignore Twitter — until this week.  Brad recently linked to AtlasGC (AtlasGC) on Twitter — which is the Atlas for Global Christianity, apparently an interesting compendium of stats.  Here is some of what they Twittered so far:
  1. In Yemen, 10% of the population listens to Christian radio.
  2. In 2010 the world’s 4,000 Christian radio and television stations reach 510 million persons monthly with Christian programming.
  3. Since its origin in 1921, Christian broadcasting has reached more people per hour than any other variety of evangelism.
  4. Only 0.3% of total Christian expenditure is actually directed towards unevangelised non-Christians.
  5. Much of the money given for foreign missions is spent on work among Christians.
  6. Annual embezzlement from Christian ministries of $35 billion exceeds the global Church’s foreign mission expenditures of $32 billion.
  7. Salaries and education together claim another 29% of total church and parachurch expenditures.
  8. Administration accounts for 29% of all church and parachurch expenditures.
  9. Almost 97% of church and parachurch income is used by Christians for their own needs.
  10. In 1910 nearly 90% of all Christian income was denominational. In 2010 parachurch agencies receive some 64% of all Christian income.
  11. Nearly half of all Church income is received by the Roman Catholic tradition, which has the most adherents.
  12. In the 1960s Roman Catholic missionary endeavours were profoundly challenged by the Second Vatican Council (1962–5).
  13. The Philippines today is about 90% Christian (majority Roman Catholics) as a result of Spanish missions since the 16th century.
  14. The Roman Catholic Church exerts an important influence on many aspects of Polish life, and church attendance levels are high.
  15. The Charismatic movement within the Catholic Church claims over 20% of all Catholics in South America, now the leading region in the world.
  16. Catholicism in Egypt is the most liturgically diverse of any country in the world.
  17. Approximately half of the world’s Christians were Catholics at the beginning of the 21st century, and half of those were in the Americas.
  18. Non-Christians in Asia are more isolated from Christians than in any other continent in the world.
  19. Almost half of all Asian languages are less than 2% Christian.
And there is a plethora many that is absolutely fascinating.  So the Atlas GC is my first Twitter feed that I actually follow.

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