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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Self Help & Interesting Relgious Culture in the News

See how U.S. religious landscape has changed in nearly 2 decades - USATODAY.com — The velocity of the seismic shifts we are seeing away from church attendance and adherence are increasing. Just more data.

VirtueOnline - Cohabitation: A Sensible Step Or a Destructive One? — The evidence continues to mount that cohabitation is destructive.

Parchment and Pen - “Christianity is Dependant on Your Character Witness” . . . And Other Stupid Statements — Interesting discussion about the character of a Christian and it's validation or non-validation of the Christian faith.

Steve Jobs Explains His World at All Things D - Tech Talk - CBS News — Who knew? Jobs says he started work on the iPad first.

Theater Review - 'Get Mad at Sin!' - Andrew Dinwiddie as Jimmy Swaggart at the Chocolate Factory - NYTimes.com — I dunno, but it just seems weird that a theatrical play would be done of Jimmy Swaggart, especially with attempts to be authentic and not buffoon him.

Teacher fired for premarital sex - TODAY People — A widowed Christian teacher is fired for conceiving a child six weeks before her wedding. I too think it's important to have standards for our teachers to live up to. But what about grace? Certainly they have now created a culture where it's important to not be honest about your sins because you'll be punished and fired.

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