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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Churches Outing Grinches

Christmas attitudes land businesses on naughty-or-nice lists at First Baptist Dallas' 'Grinch Alert' website | News for Dallas, Texas

So a church has put up a website, Grinch Alert, to out businesses that do not promote or allow the promotion of Christmas. The site puts them on the Naughty List.

I'm wondering what Biblical support they could think of to justify that behavior. (Of course that might possibly not even be on their radar.) Immediately I think of Jesus teaching about loving your enemies, and this doesn't seem too loving but maybe I'm not seeing their perspective.

I mean, what would be the point of such a site? To make certain businesses feel bad? Or even more provocatively, to punish them financially by listing them and encouraging people to take their business elsewhere?

I can't imagine Jesus doing this. It's ironic but it seems this church needs to be put on the naughty list.

Comments on "Churches Outing Grinches"


Blogger Dan said ... (8:25 AM, December 09, 2010) : 

So how does "not promoting Christmas" make a business a "Grinch?" Isn't Christmas a part of the churches calendar and a Christian holiday? Shouldn't we be more pleased that these businesses are at least not contribution to the degradation of one of the hight holy days of the church by turning it into an opportunity for excessive consumerism?


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