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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Need a Web Host?

UPDATE 5/10/11
Turnkey stepped up their game. Beyond apologizing for their performance, the new dude gave me a free hosting account and Voxwire. And they fixed their referral code. I'm willing to give them a second chance.

UPDATE  5/4/11
The new dude at TurnKey has followed through and paid me via PayPal today. Very classy.  This may work after all.

UPDATE 5/3/11
The last dude I spoke with at Turnkey apparently has left the company.  The new dude apologized professionally and promised to pay my commissions.  I'll report when he does.

I'm on my second choice in web hosts now. The first choice promised a referral fee for every one of my web clients signed up.  So far, after 3 months they haven't delivered.  I'm calling the CEO tomorrow.  The BBB after that.  Moving on ...

So now I'm an affiliate for iPower.  I actually have a little experience with them, having signed up my first client with them awhile ago along with 2 friends.  So far so good.  Not sure yet how they work with their affiliates but we'll find out this week as I refer a couple clients to sign up with them.


Click on the above graphic and buy web hosting.  It will be good for me.

I can't understand why some companies just don't want to make money.  In regards to my first choice of web hosts, I strategically picked a NY based company.  They're from Albany.  It offered packages with reasonable rates and a good amount of hard drive space and bandwidth.  And they had a reasonable referral program.

Before signing anyone up, I actually called the company to make sure everything works.  It's all good. So I sign up a couple clients but they don't show in my affiliate control panel.  Call the company and the guy promises to manually put my referrals into their system.  Nada.  Then he tells me his referral code doesn't work.  Another month, still no sign of my referrals.  Now three months later, I got nothing and my emails get bounced back to me.

By year's end, I will generate several thousand dollars in web hosting and domain name purchases.  That's gotta be worth something.  Apparently not to Turnkey Internet.

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