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Monday, December 05, 2005

Opinion II

I've come to the conclusion that it is the responsibility of the church catholic to eradicate hunger and poverty. Every single Christian person and every church should have as part of their mission statement to do away with hunger and poverty.

We believe a lie when we think we can just pay our taxes and rely on the welfare system to take care of the poor and occasionally churches or other organizations can just fill in the gaps. We further believe a lie when we just throw up our hands and say "It can't be done." Those are lies from the pit of hell. There is enough money in evangelical churches alone that if we downsized our lifestyles we could meet the need.

I wonder what could be the catalyst to get the church to work together and to care enough to give up their comfort. I see it as so scary that the opportunity is right there in front of us but we can't/won't do anything. We can't seem to get united. We won't downsize our own lives. What could possibly unite and motivate us?

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Blogger Nate said ... (9:01 AM, December 05, 2005) : 

You know what motivates me? Seeing the step after poverty and hunger. What do you tell people to do with their lives once they're not starving, once they've got some shelter and clothing? People are now more comfortable, God forbid, and what to those people want to do? Go and get real jobs! Develop their country! Push it toward the first world!

Why? Because hunger and poverty are merely obstacles. The lack of them is not a positive good, but a negation of a problem. What humans really, really desire is choice... realization of potential.

Americans--and not just Christians, or even (I fear) primarily Christians--have demonstrated ample willingness to donate money to anti-poverty causes. Frankly, there may be too much money floating around out there as it is. But do we have programs that are working? Do we have long-term development projects where the meeting of hunger by donation does not actively encourage long-term dependency issues, where it does not support fascist governments, and where people's lives are genuinely improved?

Give people faith that something like this--on a large, sustainable scale--can truly be done, and you will not want for money.


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