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Friday, June 29, 2007

WorldNetDaily: Anti-Jesus activists on warpath

Read about the persecution of Christians who pray "in Jesus' name" at public functions: WorldNetDaily: Anti-Jesus activists on warpath

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hilton opens up on drugs, jail and God - CNN.com

Hilton opens up on drugs, jail and God - CNN.com: "Paris Hilton told CNN's Larry King on Wednesday that she has never used drugs, isn't a big drinker, and although she feels her incarceration was unwarranted, God had a reason for putting her there."
What if Paris become a sincere Christ follower? Where could she go to church? The tithe might be nice but what a hassle it would be to be her pastor and have to deal the the media endlessly. What church would accept the distraction? And I wonder what church would sincerely accept her?

Can you imagine preaching with her in the crowd. You get fired up and make a good point. Half the church murmurs "Amen." and then all of the sudden you hear, "That's hot!"

Proverbs from Paris:
"Don't serve the time; let the time serve you,"

VirtueOnline: Church of England Recruits Simpsons to Teach Theology, Boost Attendance

When I first read the headline, "Church of England Recruits Simpsons to Teach Theology, Boost Attendance" I wondered who was professor Simpson. Doh! They are referring to Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson.

The Church of England is publishing a book, Mixing it up with the Simpsons, authored by Owen Smith a youth work in the Kent Diocese of Rochester. A copy of the book will be sent to all youth advisors in every diocese.

God bless 'em for trying.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

.: You Version

Haven't heard of .: You Version yet? Imagine blogging through with an online Bible program. Three words: Scripture, community and collaboration. Lifechurch.tv is creating an online Bible site that will allow you to study the Scriptures, take notes, publish your notes to a larger community and share other resources you might have.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ABC News: Jesus Takes Front-Row Seat at Graduation

Here is an ABC News: Jesus Takes Front-Row Seat at Graduation, about a girl who gave a speech at graduation that was more like an evangelistic sermon than a commencement address. I admire her courage and conviction. But I wonder ....

Do you know what a plus-minus ratio is in hockey? Wikipedia defines it like this:

Plus/minus is an ice hockey statistic that measures the team goal differential when a specific player is on the ice. Players' plus/minus stats get increased by one every time their team scores an even strength or shorthanded goal while they are on the ice. Whenever the team is scored against while at even strength or on a powerplay when the player is on the ice, his plus/minus is decreased by one. The statistic is sometimes called the plus/minus ratio even though it is a difference, not a ratio.

A player's plus/minus statistic can be calculated for a single game or for the season as a whole. For instance, if a player enters a game with a season total plus/minus of -8, then accumulates a statistic of +3 for a single game, the season total will change to a -5.

I think about the plus/minus of a Christian in regards to the number of people they influence to become a Christian or not. Take for example, Jerry Falwell. Here's a man with a bad +/- ratio. I'll bet more people were turned off to Christ and the Church because of the late Rev. Falwell than were turned toward Christ. He brought derision to the name of Christ. Shame on me for picking on a recently dead man.

I wonder about the long term plus/minus of a speech like this courageous teenager's. Overall, will more people be in the Kingdom, or will more people be moved closer to accepting Christ or not because of her preaching. Though I admire her courage and conviction I'm not sure this is the best way to do evangelism. I wonder.


I got into a fascinating discussion the other night about Calvinsim and Arminian theology. I had to go back and do some reading on both positions.

I may have blogged about this previously but here it is again. My esteemed friend Peter Lumpkins, who would consider himself Reformed and is part of the SBC, did a marvelous interview with Dr. Roger Olson and transcribed the whole thing.

I hope Peter is not too disappointed that after reading his interview it became more clear to me than ever that I am Arminian, though I lean to the eternal security side of the equation.

Interview with Dr. Roger Olson and Peter Lumpkin:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The discussion the other night was with a lay person with no formal theological training. His only understanding of "Reformed vs. Arminian" was that Reformed people believed in eternal security and those who weren't Reformed did not. He knew nothing of TULIP. But he is not unusual.

Most think the central dividing issue is free will vs. predestination. That is wrong also. Roger Olson rightly points out that the difference is a fundamental shift in how the two understand who God is and His character. Dr. Olson says, "Arminianism is the belief in the universal love of God and God’s will that all be saved. That God is not willing for any to perish and that He does much to bring people to repentance and does not select some to whom He does not offer the same chance." That's why I am Arminian. It's how I understand the character of God as revealed in the Scriptures.

But the truth is, I know really fine Reformed people, who believe as they do based on their understanding of the Bible. They're biblical people. And if I debated with them I would probably lose or at least throw my hands up saying, "I dunno maybe you're right." Reformed theology is solidly biblical, I just don't connect to it.

Evangelical Covenant Church Video: Roger Thorpe & Curt Peterson

Covenant missionaries, Roger Thorpe & Curt Peterson, were recently caught up in the violence in the Congo. A Covenant Companion article say, "They had been robbed, shot at, taken captive, and spent the better part of a day caught in a crossfire between police officers and armed militia." They eventually made it home to the US safely.

You can watch them tell their story.

Apple Product Evolution

Here is a great picture showing all the innovative Apple products since it's inception. I have a lot of these.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Congregational singing

I've sang a couple songs recently that really ministered to me. We've sung both in church: Salvation Is Here we sung today but most recently we sang He Reigns as the opening song at the Franklin Graham NYPENN Festival. Led by the Tommy Combs Band at the Festival, the place was absolutely electric -- nearly 7,000 people sang with unabashed enthusiasm. I think it was enhanced by the song not being just about 'I' or 'Me' but having a global, corporate theme to it. It was a super experience whilst it lasted -- they tanked shortly after by singing some songs no one's ever heard of and that were kinda blah.

Salvation Is Here

by Hillsong United

God above all the world in motion
God above all my hopes and fears
And I don't care what the world throws at me now
I'm gonna be alright
Hear the sound of the generations
Making loud our freedom song
All in all that the world would know Your name
It's gonna be alright
Cause I know my God saved the day
And I know His word never fails
And I know my God made a way for me
Salvation is here
Salvation is here
Salvation is here and He lives in me
Salvation is here
Salvation that died just to set me free
Salvation is here
Salvation is here and He lives in me
Salvation is here
Cause You are alive and You live in me

He Reigns Lyrics

by Newsboys

its the song of every teen, rising from the african plain
its the song of the forgiven, drowning out the amazon rain
the song of asian believers, filled with gods holy fire
its every child, every tounge, every nation, A love some boy of a grateful choir

its all gods children singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
its all gods children singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns

let it rise above above the forewinds, caught up in the heavenly sound
let praises echo from the towers of cathedral, to the faithful tethered underground
of all the songs sung forth the dawn of creation, some were meant to persist
of all the bells rung from a thousand steeples, none rings true'r than this

its all gods children singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
its all gods children singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
its all gods children singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
its all gods children singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns

and all the powers of darkness, tremble at what they've just heard
cause all the powers of darkness, cant drown out a single word

when all gods children sing out glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
all gods children sing out glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
all gods people singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
all gods people singing glory glory, hallelujah he reigns, he reigns
glory glory, glory glory
glory glory hallelujah, he reigns
your my glory, your my glory, your my glory
oh glory glory, glory glory, glory glory

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ukraine's Influential Church Leader Shifting the Way Americans Think Church | Christianpost.com

This article is about Pastor Sunday Adelaja, who originally is from Nigeria but pastors a 25k member church in Kiev, Ukraine. I have a hunch that he is about to become a household name in the US. Pay attention folks.

VirtueOnline: Vestal church to sever ties to Episcopal organization

St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Vestal, NY has voted leave the Episcopal Diocese of CNY. Fr. Tony Seel is the rector and an acquaintance of mine. He was part of the area leadership that brought Franklin Graham to Binghamton this month for the NYPENN Festival. St. Andrew's has affiliated itself with the Convocation of Anglicans in North America.

The article also mentioned St. Andrew's in the Valley in Syracuse, which is also a refugee from the Diocese of CNY. They have been litigation with the Diocese over their property, hoping that as they left the Diocese they would keep their property. Apparently they will not. St. Andrews, led by Fr. Robert Hackendorf, has affiliated with the Anglican Mission in America. Their web site said the litigation was a distraction and that they look forward to moving to a larger facility with better parking. In a personal conversation with Fr. Hackendorf, he stated they are praying about planting new AMIA churches in CNY.

Linked at their web site is Pat Dague's blog Transfigurations with news about Anglicanism and Christianity in general.

And while we're on the subject of refugees from the Diocese of CNY, the article also mentions that The Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton pastored by the Rev. Matt Kennedy, with his wife, The Rev. Anne Kennedy as Associate Pastor. They too were involved in leadership for the NYPENN Festival. They have officially voted to leave but are apparently in negotiations with the Diocese over their property.

I continue to pray for Skip Adams, Bishop of the Diocese of CNY. I'll never forget his grace extended to me when I served under his leadership.

2007 Annual Meeting Broadcasts - Evangelical Covenant Church

I had the privilege of worshiping at the 2007 Annual Meeting Broadcasts in Portland, OR though I am here in NY. Watched the meeting online tonight. The broadcast isn't outstanding, but the meeting itself looked incredible.

The exciting thing about the Covenant Church is our commitment to evangelism, church growth & health and church planting. We are evangelicals in the best sense of the word, yet have we're committed to racial righteousness and social justice. I have loved watching the Covenant develop since I first joined it in 1986.

I look forward to moving and being in a Covenant Church again.

Thank you Billy! :: Home

Thank you Billy! :: Home

Billy Graham speaks at his recent library dedication:

Particularly moving is Cliff Barrows and Bev Shea singing How Great Thou Art.

I remember the Billy Graham Crusade in Rochester, NY in 1989. I helped pass out materials from the thirdbase dugout of old Redwing Stadium, which also turned out to be the entrance onto the field of the special guests. I met Bev Shea, Andre Thornton, GLAD and Cliff Barrows. Cliff and I got our picture taken together and we made it to the front cover the of next Roberts Today magazine, the alumni zine of my beloved alma mater Roberts Wesleyan College.

Today's Interesting Links

Faith and Work E3
"This website is part of an exclusive service called Faith and Work E3 designed for businesses, workplace ministries, and local churches who desire to Educate, Equip, and Encourage workplace believers."
Prophetic.TV - Welcome
"Prophetic.TV has one mission in life. That is, it has one mission for your life. Our goal is to build you up by having you hear and learn how other prophets hear from and communicate with God."
International Coalition of Workplace Ministries
"The International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM) is a fellowship of workplace believers who want to ignite leaders for workplace transformation by modeling Jesus Christ. We do this by inspiring, connecting and equipping leaders who want to transform the workplace for Christ. The ICWM website (www.icwm.net) is a clearinghouse for information, resources and organizations in the faith and work movement." (from their site)

1000 Islands - Clayton - Moving Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial - June 20 - 25, 2007 Sponsored By The Colon-Counch American Legion Post 821

Making it's only appearance in New York State this year in Clayton, NY: Moving Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial - June 20 - 25, 2007 Sponsored By The Colon-Counch American Legion Post 821

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm on my monthly pilgrimage to Grand Rapids, MN this week and had the privilege of teaching an evangelism course in the town of Deer River. Passed a small Covenant Church there tonight. It looks a lot like upstate NY here with fewer farms.

Church Planting Assessment Center

More than ever as I'm on the road visiting churches and then back home with my unchurched friends and family I see the disconnect between what is happening in church and the needs, interests and lives of the unchurched. New churches are needed more desperately than ever. Visit: Church Planting Assessment Center.

The Orchard Group

I love New York State and get really excited about ministries that are focused on reaching the unchurched in NY. I stumbled across The Orchard Group's website, which is committed to planting churches in NY, especially NYC and the northeast. From their web site:
"The churches planted by Orchard Group Church Planting are all affiliated with the Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. This Christian Church fellowship is made up of over 5,000 independent churches, linked by common cause and vision. They operate three seminaries, over twenty Christian colleges, and numerous missions agencies and benevolent ministries."

Monday, June 18, 2007

VirtueOnline: On being a Muslim and a Christian...Not

The weirdness factor in the Episcopal Church just got a little higher. This is not from Lark News. A priest in the Diocese of Olympia has become Muslim and plans to remain Christian. She plans to be both. And has the full support of her bishop.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Proverbs of Paul Livermore, Ph.D.

Livermore, a wise old sage from Roberts Wesleyan College & Northeastern Seminary, once said, "I hate to write. I love to have written."

Reminds me of preaching.

Friday, June 15, 2007

White Ivy Marketing and Design: Graphic Design, Marketing, Website Development & More in Coleraine, MN

OK people. So you need a graphic artist to make you a web site, logo or marketing piece. White Ivy Marketing and Design: Graphic Design in Coleraine, MN are some of the very best I've ever worked with. Check out their Portfolio and prepare to enjoy the eye-candy. Troy and Liza Anderson are the extremely generous owners and wonderful people. They also understand Christian ministry and are able to market appropriately.

Cornerstone Assembly of God in Watertown, NY buys new property

Got an email this week from Pastor Dominic at Cornerstone Assembly of God in Watertown, NY. They bought a parcel of property at the corner of Hinds Road and Route 342 in Pamelia, which is actually right down the street from me. Google maps location. This is a great move, following right in the footsteps of Life Church of the Nazarene planting a satellite church out in that area.

Droves of people and business are moving out there and it's right outside Ft. Drum yet there are next to no significant ministries present. Wal-Mart is packed night and day and is right around the corner. Right now it's a race to see which churches will capitalize on the explosive growth that is happening in that area, with Life Church and Cornerstone in the lead.

There are several small Episcopal churches in the area that ought to consider selling their properties and building a north country Anglican Cathedral out there. The UMC ought to consider doing a similar consolidation. Actually what would really flourish there is if those Elim boyz would band together and hire a church planter for the area. That could be huge. The Elim churches I have been in contact with central and northern New York are very impressive ministries.

The Roman Catholic Faithful

"How many children will be sacrificed by this self-serving, corrupt hierarchy before the Pope takes action?"
Ouch! I came across this Roman Catholic site today that is calling the Pope and his Bishops to task. They name names and expose scandals.

US prof plans to send message back in time | The Register

US prof plans to send message back in time | The Register

A West Coast scientist who believes it may be possible to transmit information backwards through time has been funded by individual donations after established mad-scientist groups refused to cough up.

John Cramer, a physicist at the University of Washington, reckons that "quantum retrocausality" could "involve signalling, or communication, in reverse time."

Who would you send a message to back in time and what would you say? "Uh Mr. Lincoln, just stay home and have dinner. The play isn't really that good tonight."

How terrible is this? The very first thing I thought of was Dan Ferguson. We were in seminary together. Apple stock was at $12 a share and we were contemplating taking out student loans to buy a couple hundred shares because we were supremely confident Apple was never going under. "Hey Evans & Ferguson, take out the max. You're gonna have enough to pay back the loan early, buy the house & car, pay the taxes and tithe with some left over for the Mac Cube and Newton eMate you've been eyeing!" Within 18 months after seminary it was over $150 a share, then it split and split and (heavy sigh) ...

Building a Better Brick | EcoGeek | Bricks, New, His, Clay, Creative

In upstate New York, you see many houses that are 100+ year old stately brick mansions. They are center stair colonials with 3000+ square feet. I love 'em. They're majestic and I always wish I could have a newer version -- something a little more eco-friendly, without lead paint, abestos, etc. Perhaps with the advent of some newer brick technology we might see some of those homes built again. Check it out here: Building a Better Brick.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

USNews.com: Best Career 2007: Career Table

According to the USNews.com: Best Career 2007: Career Table the median income for clergy in the US is $78,690. You have got to be kidding me. That's the 9th best paying job in the 25 they have listed. I'm baffled.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Christopher Hopper - Ministry - Music - Media

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Christopher Hopper in person. He is a noted youth leader, musician, film maker and author. And he's a Mac user.

Fulton Street Revival Video - NAMB.net

Have you heard of the Fulton Street Revival Video? Watch this video to learn a little and be encouraged to pray for a revival all across our land. This coming September marks the 150th anniversary of the Fulton Street Revival.

Lord, come again in power in the land. Let our generation be awed by your power and mercy, and may Jesus be lifted up as Savior and Lord in every home and every heart. Amen.

Money & Business: Ranking the Largest Airports - US News and World Report

I've just figured out why my flying experiences over the past year or more have been so "miserable". According to a US News and World Report article which ranks airports misery index, I fly through 2 of their top 6 on a regular basis. Their #1 is DTW and #6 is MSP. It should be noted that those are both Northworst Airline hubs.

DTW: Only 61% of their flights are on time, leaving 40% delayed. That's a problem.

Monday, June 11, 2007

NYPENN Franklin Graham Festival

Had a great time at the NYPENN Franklin Graham Festival in Binghamton, NY on Saturday this past weekend. I went primarily to hear Third Day in concert which was worth showing up for. Dennis Agajanian, one the fastest flat top guitar pickers in the world was also there and did great. Tree63, a band I had not heard of before was fabulous -- apparently South African rockers.

Franklin was a paradox. He really doesn't do any narrative in his preaching so he was a little hard to connect with. On the other hand he was straightforward with the gospel. One of my biggest complaints about gospel presentations in our current culture is that they are so focused on "your life will be better" or "just accept Jesus into your heart" or "you need to come into a relationship with God" and then not tell people the truth about sin. Jesus didn't die so you would feel better. He died for your sins to be forgiven. You are sinner and need to be redeemed. I don't think anyone is honestly redeemed unless they repent of their sin. Franklin just hits a homerun in telling people the truth about their sinful condition but he was only moderately compelling overall. Yet a lot of people went forward and I wasn't surprised. You could just feel that God was moving in people's hearts to turn their lives over to Christ.

One thing I found interesting is that the entire evening was 'screen driven'. Essentially we all got together to watch big TV's. There were components of the evening that were live, such as Franklin preaching and the music but they also used a number of video clips for commercials about Samaritan's Purse & Operation Christmas Child, an intro to Franklin and a couple of well done testimonies of youth whose lives were touched by God.

The videography was extremely well done. I was seated on the floor and really couldn't see the stage well. They had cameras set in my line of view so I didn't watch the stage the whole time I was there.

The festival was held at the Events Center on the SUNY Binghamton campus. A very comfortable setting and the place was full. They had overflow at the Broome County arena and elsewhere on campus. Seemed like a very well run event.

Congratulations: Stacey Littlefield to Lafeyette, IN

Congratulations to The Rev. Stacey Littlefield on accepting a new call to ministry, and kudos to the Evangelical Covenant Church of Lafeyette, IN on such a fine choice for a new pastor. Stacey is the best preacher I know and comes with extensive experience in funerals. If I had to pick any of my colleagues to be my pastor I would pick him. Stacey's first Sunday in the pulpit will be August 5.

My condolences to Bethany Covenant Church of Lyndhurst, OH where Stacey is leaving after 10 years. Congratulations on your fine work in making Stacey a great pastor. No doubt you will have pastors fighting for the opportunity to be your next pastor. It seems that Bethany has a history of producing pastors. Steve Johnson grew up in that church and I think Tim Heintzelman is from there too. Those would be a couple of good choices. Maybe you could coax former intern Jimmy Lee Curry out of Iowa so that Jill could be nearer to her family and beloved Indians. I wish you all the best in your search process.

10 Years Ordained

10 years ago this month I was ordained at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church held in Anaheim, CA. I'll never forget President Paul Larsen laying hands on me saying, "Lord, bless this evangelist." My wife, daughter Katelyn and parents were there. Congratulations are also in order for the following elite clergy: Xorey Johnsrud (Ellsworth, WI), Jimmy Doo Stanley-Erickson (Madison, WI), Dan Ferguson (Santa Rosa [aka Margaritaville], CA) and there were others but I haven't kept track of them all ... Ken Johnson? Dan Pearson? Kenton Johnson? Where are they now? Please post here if you were ordained by the Covenant in 1997 -- what are you doing now?

27 Skills Your Child Needs to Know That She’s Not Getting In School | zen habits

Here are 27 Skills Your Child Needs to Know That She’s Not Getting In School from zen habits. The blog is devoted to setting and achieving goals.

New Resources

I always find new and interesting stuff for Anglicans and the body of Christ in general at Virtueonline.org. Here are a couple of items I found today:

The first two sites are new web site initiatives by the Anglican Communion Network:

AnglicanChurchPlanting.org This web site doesn't have much but I find it exciting and interesting that Anglicans have a commitment to church planting in the US.

AnglicanEvangelism.org This site has a short list of resources in it's side bar, several of which I've never seen before. I'd love to attend one of their Sharing Our Faith events led by Anglican evangelist Dr. Michael Green and others. I saw a link there to:

LeeStrobel.com Obviously this is Lee Strobel's site with a bunch of his resources and speaking schedule available. It appears that there are over 400 short video available here for FREE. Some are answering various questions about the Christian faith and some are more practical in nature, for example how to share Christ with children. There are even numerous videos answering questions about the Da Vinci Code.

Yes, I did say over four hundred and yes, I did say free. And just in case you were thinking what I was thinking — yes, I did view page source to read through the html and no, it does not appear that one download these videos to your computer.

Redeemed Lives a ministry of Fr. Mario Bergner. This site has numerous resources dedicated to sexual wholeness and discipleship in general. There are a number of videos for a $5 download. Who is Fr. Bergner? From his web site:
The Rev. Mario Bergner is husband to Nancy and father to their five children. He is the founder of Redeemed Lives, in the Boston metropolitan area and the Associate Rector of Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham. He is an Anglican Priest canonically resident in the Diocese of Quincy IL, USA.

Blogging Anniversary

June 1st was the beginning of my 4th year of blogging. I was initially inspired by blogging legend Brad.Boydston and my two close friends Stacey Littlefield and Xorey Johnsrud, both of whom remain irresponsible blog parents. Blogging has been an adventure. I've made friends and ministered to people. It's also regretfully caused conflict with people whom I've cared about and more pleasantly, with people who I have not cared for.

I've recently taken to looking at Google Analytics to see if anyone actually reads this blog. Much of my traffic comes from upstate NY but I have a strong readership in Wisconsin and Ohio. A special shout out to Eau Claire, WI and Syracuse, NY, and to my lone reader in Utica, NY, the city where I was born and to this day still have a deep affection for. Thanks to all who visit here. I would love it if you would leave a comment today -- if nothing else just leave your city name and a link to your blog or websites.

I recognize it's mostly drivel and that I have my pet soapboxes. I like to report on what God is doing in Anglican World, especially the AMiA, make fun of dumb church trends, provide commentary on interesting news and cultural trends, provide links to Bible, evangelism and marriage resources and report on the various trivialities of my life. Thanks for reading.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Newzjunky.com :: NNYReligion.com :: New Life Christian Church

One of the great churches of the north country is making a bold move to expand their ministries and ultimately, the Kingdom of God. New Life Church, currently based in Depauville, has bought a 38,000 square foot cinema complex in Stateway Plaza. Read the rest of the story at Newzjunky.com.

Some of the other exciting news in the article is: an Hispanic church has merged with them pastored by Regina Velez and an international ministry training center is also relocating with them.

I wonder what's going to happen to their old historic building in Depauville. It'd be a great place for a church plant.

I really love Pastors Kirk & Chris and the whole church. Over the past couple years my kids have been involved in Royal Rangers there. Not only did they love going there, I could see them learning the Bible and becoming more Godly. I'm really excited for their new ministry venture.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church

One of the best sermons I've ever heard (watched). Mark Driscoll can flat out preach. In theory you are able to watch this sermon right here right now on my blog. One of the things I dig about Mars Hill is how much of there stuff they make available for FREE. The code to show this sermon here was available right on their site with the words, "Post this video to your site:".

Monday, June 04, 2007

St. Barnabas the Encourager, Austin, TX

St. Barnabas the Encourager of Austin, TX is looking for an associate pastor in the area of evangelism. Job Description. St. B is an Evangelical Covenant Church that defected from the Episcopal Church.

There are not a lot of positions in the Covenant Church that focus on evangelism. If you look at the Churches Seeking Staff web site, most of the staff positions are looking for youth or worship pastors. Kudos to St. Barnabas for thinking outside the box.

Speaking of churches seeking staff, I've been contacted twice in the past week by churches looking for a senior pastor. Another friend of mine has been contacted about 5x in the past couple months. For both of us it's been a couple years since we've been contacted by anyone. Interesting phenomena.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

uticaOD.com - The Observer-Dispatch - Boonville canal museum opens

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports: Boonville Black River Canal Museum opens. Sort of. They don't have official hours of business yet but apparently they are open. Visit the museum website here. When I was a kid my parents used to take us to the Boonville Fair every year.

I love upstate New York history and visiting the various museums both small and large. You can go to Syracuse to visit Saint Marie among the Iroquois, a recreation of a French Mission and the Erie Canal Museum. You can go to Cooperstown to visit the Farmer's Museum, Baseball Hall of Fame and James Fenimore Cooper's house. In Rome you can visit Ft. Stanwix fo the Revolutionary War era and the Erie Canal Village. And there's the new Adirondack Museum in Blue Mtn. Lake. In general they are all kid friendly, educational places.

Some days I could be a commercial for NYS.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Grade the News: Mercury News plans to cut one-quarter of newsroom positions this summer

I remember sitting in my office a couple years ago with a Watertown Daily Times exec who sarcastically exclaimed he wasn't worried about Newzjunky. I politely listened but internally thought, "I don't get the WDT and won't any time soon. I read Newzjunky a dozen times a day and you're not worried?" Just a suggestion for the WDT: if you're not worried yet, now would be a good time to start.

Of course Newzjunky could do better. I'm really disappointed with how they've treated churches.

Friday, June 01, 2007

15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

From mental_floss magazine - Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix, come this great article about Mr. Rogers. I watched him every day as a kid.

Complaint filed with IRS after Tampa televangelist compares Romney to Satan: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The article quotes televangelist Bill Keller of Liveprayer.com as saying, "If the former Massachusetts governor wins the GOP nomination and the presidency," Keller's message added, it will "ultimately lead millions of souls to the eternal flames of hell."

I guess I don't understand how a president of the US is going to be leading people to hell. We're not a theocracy. Are people going to become Mormon if we had a Mormon president? I doubt it. We've had plenty of presidents who have claimed to be evangelicals, even ones who apparently are friends with America's pastor Dr. Billy Graham, but it doesn't seem that many have become Christians because of them (which in many ways is sad).

Keller's comments have led some to call into question his non-profit status and for the revoking of his 501(c)(3). This should be a reminder to all of us clergy to be careful of how we speak of politics when in our official capacities of clergy.

Keller apparently has a TV show which I haven't seen. His own website says, "The press has crowned him the "Dr. Phil of prayer" and "The next big thing in mass media religion." Somehow, I don't think I'd want to be called either of those things. I think he should worry most about what God says about him.

Children without sex is what the future holds, claims inventor of the Pill | the Daily Mail

Children without sex though novel, it's really not new:
Luke 1:26-38
In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. And the virgin's name was Mary. 28 And he came to her and said, “Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!” 29 But she was greatly troubled at the saying, and tried to discern what sort of greeting this might be. 30 And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. 31 And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. 32 He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, 33 and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”

34 And Mary said to the angel, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?”

35 And the angel answered her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy—the Son of God. 36 And behold, your relative Elizabeth in her old age has also conceived a son, and this is the sixth month with her who was called barren. 37 For nothing will be impossible with God.” 38 And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Sao Miguel Azores Photo Gallery by Tony Botelho at pbase.com

I have a delightful colleague who married someone from Sao Miguel Azores. Did you know there were inhabited islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? I did not. I had no idea. They are in between Delaware and Portugal. From the above linked web site ...
"Sao Miguel Azores: The nine islands of the Azores archipelago are a thousand nautical miles from any place else. They exist at the very spot that the tectonic plates for Europe, Africa and North America meet."
The pictures at the website are gorgeous. Now I want to visit.

Summit Church - Syracuse, NY

A new Southern Baptist Church for Syracuse, NY is being planted. Here is the link to Summit Church. Well done web site. They are forming a core group this fall and plan to be open for business in 2008.

There website also says, "Summit Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and is a member of the Infinity Alliance. Infinity Alliance is a network of churches from across the country that has rallied around a common theme: the re-evangelization of 300,000,000 Americans." A quick Google search of "Infinity Alliance" didn't lead me anywhere. Anybody have a web site for them? Sounds like my kind of people.

Anglican School of Ministry

Thinking about becoming an Anglican priest or need training for lay leadership in an Anglican Church? There is now an online option: Anglican School of Ministry. The web site is a little sparse on details.